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Nutritional supplements are naturally in the body existing substances, that are additionally consumed to normal daily nutrition. These substances are partly essential for the growth and development of a multicellular organism, like the human body. The medical purpose for an additional substitution of nutritional supplements is a deficiency in the body due to malnutrition or illnesses.  

The use of nutritional supplements is widespread in sport worldwide and it is not limited exclusively to athletes competing at the highest level of competition. The main reasons for using dietary supplements are to enhance physical performance, to promote health, to reduce risk of getting sick and at least to control body weight.  

One of the main risk factors of nutritional supplements alongside positive doping testing by contaminated supplements is the matter of fact that a lot of sportsmen are using supplements without the knowledge of side effects and recommended intake levels. In the face of the great market of nutritional supplements the edge between a recommended use and misuse is floating. 

Most of the supplements are not prohibited within the “List”. Nevertheless, a well-balanced nutrition is much better than any nutritional supplementation and of course intake levels have to be taken into account to avoid the effect of an ‘overdosage’.