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European Commission 2001:

The European Commission financed a project about the topic of “Biomedical Side Effects of Doping”. Within this project Germany, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Finland and France were involved to give an overview of the scientific knowledge on side effects caused by an abuse of drugs. First of all an international symposium was held in Cologne by 07/23/2001. In a second step a congress manual of the presented knowledge was made. This manual can be downloaded for free here.  

European Commission 2002:

The European Commission financed a follow-up project to open the results of the symposium to the public. A website should be the basis to harmonize the knowledge on biomedical side effects of doping in Europe. The project partners consisted of Germany, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, France and Belgium. The development of didactical and methodical teaching material about health side effects of doping was the first aim of the project. The teaching material (e.g. slides, background information) are presented in the internet for downloading and use for preventive education. The website can be visited here.