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World Anti-Doping Agency

International Olympic Committee

International Paralympic Committee

Associations of National Anti-Doping Agencies

European Commission – Sport

National Anti-Doping Agencies:

Great Britain (GBR) – UK
Germany (GER) – National Anti-Doping
Austria (AT) – Austrian Anti-Doping
Suisse (SUI) – Suisse Anti-Doping
Italy (ITA) – Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (CONI)
Hungary (HUN) – Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO)
Denmark (DEN) – Anti-Doping
Greece (GRE) – Hellenic Nat’l Council for Combating
France (FRA) – French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD)
Portugal (POR) – National Anti-Doping
Finland (FIN) – Finnish Antidoping Agency (FINADA)
Sweden (SWE) – Swedish Sports
Czech Republic (CZE) – Anti-Doping
Netherlands (NED) – Anti-Doping Authority of the
Latvia (LAT) – Ministry of Health, Republic of
Slovakia (SVK) – Slovakian Anti-Doping