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Glucocorticoids are usually used for dermatological therapies because of their anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties in several skin diseases like acute acne. However, glucocorticoids can have side-effects on skin especially important for athletes such as tissue atrophy, inhibition of wound recovery and skin weakness.
Other reported effects are:
  • Decreased connective tissue through their effects on skin fibroblasts.
  • Decreased synthesis and alterations of glucosaminoglicans.
  • Inhibition of collagen and decreased collagenase activity.
  • Alterations on mitotic activity of epidermis.
  • Delayed hair growth (in experimental animals) or on the contrary excess of hair growth (hypertrichosis) after excess of glucocorticoids.
  • Follicle hyperkeratosis.
The intake of glucocorticoids can rarely produce allergic contact dermatitis, skin depigmentation and perioral dermatitis.