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A narcotic is an addictive drug that reduces pain, induces sleep and may alter mood or behaviour. In medicine, an analgesic narcotic means opioid, which refers to all natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic substances that behave pharmacologically like morphine, the primary constituent of natural opium. The opioids are classified on the WADA List as narcotics. Pain killers (morphine, heroine, codeine) are, sometimes, used by athletes or competitors engaged in violent sports. Increased threshold for pain tolerance, adjusted by opioids application, allows a better sport performance. Opioids are drugs with great potential of physical and psychic dependence. Tolerance of the drugs develop quickly. The main biomedical effects of analgesic narcotics on central nervous system are euphoria, lethargy, apathy and inability to concentrate. Sudden withdrawal of opioid drugs, or application of opioid antagonists, causes a withdrawal syndrome in addicted persons. The opioid hunger is badly tolerated by addicted persons.