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One of the main subjects of any health system is prevention. Unfortunately in the fight against doping activities are focused on the development of new techniques for drug identification and controls and less in prevention. Anti-doping controls must be considered as a way to guarantee a competition free of drugs and prohibited methods. But the better way to beat doping is through education, information and with the correct medical assistance. Usually most of the efforts try to discover the culprits, while other actions are neglected.

Not all states deal identically with the issue of doping in sport. In Europe for example, six countries pioneered in taking the legislative route to define the juridical framework of the fight against doping. Their concepts, measures and sanctions developed through the years, although some countries still present gaps concerning the topic of doping and few years ago only five countries had specific legislation on doping.  

More detailed information on the differences and similarities between the strategies of prevention followed in the various countries of Europe is summarized here: "Overview about the actual status quo in Europe"