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Acne and the increase of certain bacteria are the most common side effects of anabolic agents' intake. In AAS abusers, acne often spreads characteristically over shoulders and chest. A steroid pimple is usually distinguishable from a normal adolescent pimple by being larger and often sanguineous. It can also cause great pain. When the abuse has been stopped, acne will often subside, but may persist for a while. Moreover anabolic steroids as B12 increase fulminans acne.
In addition to their well-known effects on the pilosebaceous apparatus, androgens influence epidermal growth and differentiation.
Anabolic agents such as testosterone, nandrolone, fenilpropionate, oxandrolone and others can cause hirsutism in women. Moreover, it has been reported that other side effects are hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands, together with the loss of hair and alopecia.